Who We Are?

Developers_star is a creative team that’s passionate about great design and marketing. We combine effective design, skillful marketing management and growth-hacking resourcefulness to make our clients stand out on the web.
We’re a remote team of designers, developers, writers and marketers who believe that great creative comes from following life’s passions. Learn about each of us below.

Why We are Different .?
We are different solely for the reason that the founding of LLT did not come from those with creative agency backgrounds. We came from the marketing and finance realm.
What does that mean?
We are rooted in results and budgeting. We had no preconceived notion of pricing, business relations or norms. Through relationships and good business, we have grown to where we are today. While in the beginning, that set us behind the curve, today it brings us above it.
Because we make business decisions solely on our belief that we are here to help clients grow at a value that is fair to both parties.
Our proposals are not based on competitors, our pricing is not based on industry norms. We look internally to grow and improve efficiency and customer service. We are always chasing a better experience for our team here and clients we work with. We believe in educating our potential clients and having them make informed decisions.
Whether or not a client chooses to go with us, we will still sit with them and run the ROI and financial viability of their project. What clients don’t often understand is that their project can be achieved at many different levels (aka price points). But at each level down there are trade-offs. Our goal? Help a client realize what is really important to them within the current budget and how to get there. We are not in business to sell the most expensive options, we are in it to grow with clients.

Our Team

We have become the fastest growing

List of Our Projects

  • Ebilling Software .
  • Free Software Download Website.
  • Free Programming E-Books website

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Web Design 90%
Web Development 100%
Photography 78%
Data Entry 70%